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Walk Through Metal Detector GARRETT PD-6500i
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Jual Walk Through Metal Detector GARRETT PD-6500i

Spesifikasi Walk Through Metal Detector GARRETT PD-6500i

Superior target detection with unmatcheddiscrimination of harmless items such as coins,jewelry, keys, cigarette packs, etc.
The ultimate in safety, throughput and reliabilitywith preset programs to cover the most completerange of security applications including the newTransportation Security Administration’s (TSA)Enhanced Metal Detector (EMD) System requiredfor all post 9-11 U.S. airport installations.
Multi-dimensional coil design (33 distinct pinpointzones) provides superior detection and location ofguns, knives and other flat and rod-shapedweapons regardless of orientation.
Circuitry with advanced Digital Signal Processor(DSP) technology locates even small, hard-to-find,floor level weapons.
Individual zone boost adjustments allow forcustomization of detection characteristics and/orcompensation for metallic environmentalchallenges.
Durable, IP 55 weather-proof constructio.

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