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Metal Detector REDTECH-2000
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Jual Metal Detector REDTECH-2000

Spesifikasi Metal Detector REDTECH-2000

13 DETECTING AREAS : spreading evenly over the left-right detecting gate board from its top to bottom, with built-in super shining LED indicating lights; therefore, it is called a “6 positions side lights display detecting”.
LED ON SIDES OF EACH GATE. On the left-right sides of the detecting gate board, there are built-in super shining LED indicating lights. It can exactly indicate the exact position of the detected item.
The control circuit, collecting circuit and calculation circuit are highly integrated, which are especially stable in performance, strong in anti-interference, exact in detecting and free from mistakes in reporting.
PASSWORD PROTECTION – to prevent any hostile change of parameters by any unauthorized person.
RECOVER SYSTEMATIC PARAMETERS – Operators only need a one-key to recover all ex-work setting, just in case operators make some mis-operations.
3-GRADE AUDIO TONES adjustment – to adapt to different usage environments.
FRONT PANEL. Information will be marked down on the front panel. E.g. number of persons passed-by, times of alarm, strength of interfering signals, etc.
DETECTING AREA SENSITIVITY can be adjusted privately, without coordination to adjust the overall sensitivity. The sensitivity can be adjusted from 0-99 within its scope. Therefore, it can meet the customer’s demand to reject the items e.g. belt buckle, gold or silver jewelry, etc.

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